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A new public plaza is created by moving the existing parking in front of the building to create a place for outdoor programs and every day lounging. A new pergola is created as a stage to activate the front plaza and side yard for flexible program locations. A new handicap ramp is seamlessly integrated into the landscape and front facade. The new entrance lobby captures the original ceiling height to anchor the entrance for curated displays.

The second floor Great Room will have flexible furniture and a new LED screen for programs and events. Updating the MEP systems to provide cooling and fresh air, will make this grand space operational all year around and reduce the building's carbon footprint with the elimination of fossil fuels. Small meeting rooms and a cafe activate this space as a destination and community resource for the town and neighboring communities. 

Wheeler Library
Wheeler Library
Wheeler Library The Family Room Entrance
Wheeler Library The Family Room
Wheeler Library The Children's Room
Wheeler Library The Great Room Cafe
Wheeler Library Everyday Lounge
Wheeler Library Floor Plans
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