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Design Philosophy: Yin Yang

Modern Libraries have become both places to store / retrieve information and places to exchange / create information. This complimentary duality of modern libraries embodies the timeless philosophy of Yin Yang, bringing together:  


print and digital 

solitary and communal 

tradition and modernity

intellectual and social 

thought and action

quiet and noise

learning and teaching

young and old


The Architecture of this design manifests Yin Yang through the complimentary dualities of

east and west sloping roofs … connecting sunrise and sunset… ground and sky

wood and grass sloping roof decks…meeting in the middle for gathering in and viewing out

open and enclosed 

mobile and fixed 

intimacy and grandeur

tradition and modern

sun and shadow

wood and glass

up and down

in and out

Site Strategy: Rotated Building Mass

The building form is turned 45 degrees to the plot and street grid to:

  • dynamically interact and connect with its neighboring buildings, landscapes and views

  • optimize the amount of outdoor pedestrian recreation and gathering on ground and roofs

  • align with the orientation of the adjacent residential towers

  • openly engage with the kindergarten buildings. (Afterall a library is place to launch lifelong learning.)

  • stand out yet fit in

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