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A new college campus for American University of Central Asia (AUCA) breaks new ground

A new college campus for AUCA breaks new ground in designing college spaces and in transforming Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic. The design nods to liberal arts colleges of America while integrating the colors, patterns and hospitality of Kyrgyz nomadic culture. Like the indigenous yurt, the large academic building is a multi-use and flexible structure for learning, dining, gathering and playing. The dense weave of interior spaces aims to spark spontaneous and creative interactions, and takes extra advantage of every square meter. Framed between the architecture and mountains the welcoming entry quad recalls both the historic campus at the University of Virginia and the tree lined parks of Bishkek. A sustainable geothermal system utilizing the world's most current technologies to heat and cool the building is a first in Kyrgyzstan—and with AUCA's leadership, not the last.


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