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InVision U is a university dedicated to fostering future social, entrepreneurial, and political leaders in regions underserved by innovative higher education.  Offering free, problem-based undergraduate education to students from all socio-economic backgrounds, InVision U integrates approaches from liberal arts, engineering, and design.  Graduates are equipped to develop ideas, address societal issues, and work effectively in multidisciplinary teams.  Alumni benefits from ongoing financial support and mentoring to transform their ideas into sustainable companies and project, empowering them to contribute to and develop their local communities.

HMA2 is helping to find a location and design a new campus in Almaty that will manifest the university vision.  The campus will include an academic building, dormitory and quad.



Design with Universalisms

The university is tackling several challenges with the design:


Accessible education

Diverse thinking

Practical learning/ De-specialize

Retaining local talent

Aligning teaching and research


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